Financial Advisors Network was established in 1994 by Raymond R. Lussier.  We are focused on providing professional service.  Our goal is to help our clients understand the importance and value of proper planning.  To help our clients strive for success in financial and retirement planning by identifying their financial objectives and goals.  With this we evaluate and devise a plan of action to help obtain these specified financial objectives and goals while also making sure that the other areas such as estate planning and tax savings strategies are considered and incorporated into this plan, often through coordination with tax advisors and estate planning attorneys.

Our firm focuses on assisting Pre and Post Retirees with planning for a more confident retirement, and monitoring your Financial Wellness.  Our goal is to help our clients grow, protect and eventually distribute their assets – in the most tax efficient manner.  We value the relationships we build with our clients and strive for exceptional client service.

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We offer a number of professional services and solutions for our clients. Some of our services include:
We offer a review of your retirement plan and identify areas where our firm can assist in providing confidence to your financial plan, at a comfortable risk level.
Estate Planning
In conjunction with our referred legal and tax professional advisors, we will work with you to determine that your estate planning needs are properly addressed.
Insurance Services
We offer experience and knowledge in the insurance industry to best help you in establishing a plan that fits your needs and goals.

Financial Wellness

Just like an apple a day can keep the doctor away, seeing a qualified advisor can help verify that your financial health is on the right track for your retirement future